Looking for a specific dvd case

Hey all,

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post or not, but here goes. I’m looking for a DVD case that can hold 2 discs, but it looks just like a normal DVD case (but the same size as a CD jewel case). I had a store bookmarked before that sold them, but I can’t find the bookmark. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? All I’ve found so far are DVD cases which hold 2, but are around the same size as normal DVD cases.

I’m confused…what do you want? A CD case or a DVD case? DVD cases are movie cases.

Standard sized 2-disc CD jewel cases are hard to find, most are the slim-type jewel case. There are 4-disc CD jewel cases that are the normal thickness.

In any case: www.rima.com :smiley:

It would also help if you mentioned which country you’re talking about.

Double cases here:


Yea, I see where you could get confused, and I know DVD cases are movie cases. :wink: But, what I want IS a DVD case, but in the size of a normal CD jewel case and can hold 2 DVDs (it’s NOT a normal CD jewel case). Rima’s great, but they don’t have what I’m talking about. Basically I need this so when I send stuff it can fit in a smaller mail box…

you mean a dvd style case the size of a jewel case? I’ve never seen or heard of those, but they sound pretty cool. if you end up finding what you were looking for, please post the link here. I’d like to see them.

I get it, you want a case that looks like a movie case, only it’s the same dimensions as a jewel case. Never heard of such a thing. :confused: I suppose it would also have the clear plastic sheet that holds a paper label? Sounds like a good item, why don’t you go into production. I’ll buy some. :iagree:

Maybe he wants this box

Too bad this site is in Europe, and I don’t think that they ship also in USA

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes there’s lots here.
Shipping as shown.

EXACTLY what I’m looking for. I’ll email them and see if they’ll ship to the US (or have them shipped to my friend in Germany). Thanks a lot.

You’re welcome

those are pretty cool looking and definitely seem to be advantageous for shipping. they look pretty expensive though (especially after converting to US$)

yea it is too bad, I’ve been looking forever for a supplier in the USA.

What other reliable superstores besides rima are there for dvd materials/packaging?

Hi :slight_smile:
Try here.
They don’t list USA, but they do p&p to Germany.
Not sure of exchange rate, but seems a bit better to me.
for discount.
Shipping to Germany is £8.50 + vat(17.5%).

I am really confused on this one.

So it fits in a mail box ???

The width of a normal DVD case fits in a mail box…


I love these slimline ultra-small boxes (simple or double), actually I use ONLY these for my movies! So much saved room! 80 of these slim boxes fit in the space used by 32 “standard” DVD boxes! :stuck_out_tongue:

I buy mine from SVP (Zebadee gave the link above), these are slightly higher (5.5 inches) than the ones sold at Nierle.

UPDATE - Actually I just received my last order form SVP, and the cases have changed. They’re now the same size as a CD jewel-case, and of higher quality than the ones I bought before. Very sturdy and ergonomic. Only drawback: they’re slighlty thicker and thus take more horizontal space on the shelf (single case: 7mm, double case: 11mm). I can live with that :cool:

items [ST 0049] and [ST 0050] on this page