Looking for a special burner

My Ricoh 6200s does SD2 fine. I want to know what to use to burn Cataclysm without a crack? Or for that matter Acclaim games such as South Park, Turok 2, Shadowman. These aren’t new, Hell I picked up Shadowman for $5.00 but it still bugs me that I can’t burn a backup. P.S. these are the only games out I can’t burn without a crack on the Ricoh, except for Tomb Raider 3, which my plextor 820 does just fine. My first gen. plex 8.20 is not supported by clone. Oh, and by the way, my ricoh does not support any kind of raw right at all but does sd2 fine. Even goldenhawk won’t check the support raw right at all. So someone post the burner I want to buy, and I hope it’s not a clonecd dependant burner. I would like one that will do all with goldenhawk if poss. R the new yamaha’s up to this task? Will they support burning of the cataclysm type copy protection? Also what about this new Sony cdrx200e. Will it backup dreamcast 1.3 gig disks. How about VCD combined to just 1 disk. I don’t care for cracks, and I don’t care about speed. Just want one that works. Anyone know if this new sony will burn on 650 meg disks, and support raw. How about a dvdr that supports normal dvd movie backup.?