Looking for a Sony DRU-500A? Buy a Sony DW-U10A!

I just posted the article Looking for a Sony DRU-500A? Buy a Sony DW-U10A!.

Weazel used our newssubmit to tell us that people that are looking for a Sony DRU-500A can now also buy a Sony DW-U10A and convert it to a DRU-500A. The DW-U10A is according to the reports a bulk…

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Sony has announced that they wont offer ANY official or unofficial support for the OEM drive whatsoever. They don’t even guarantee that their firmware updates will be available (read: not-blocked-to-allow-OEM-drives) for this drive. I would consider at least twice before forking out the cash for the OEM model, since Sony’s idea of OEM sounds pretty tough.

Sony’s support… hmmm, I’m definately not counting on that! Their website is already scary enough when it comes to technical information. And they’re guys on the phone… far from being impressive. So get their drive and check out the web for support, you’re more likely to get real help (ie CDFreaks forum).

My new Sony came with a DW-U12A and it works fine!I’ve burned to all 4 formats.So far so good:4

The 500a has been discontinued. The new model is the 500ax which is basically the 500a with most of the firmware updates applied at the factory. Last I checked, there wasn’t yet a firmware update for the 500ax. It also kicks ass. And I got it from PCconnection in 3 weeks. For US$345. No troubles at all. As much as it hurts to praise Sony…