Looking for a solid dvd burner

i need a burner that can reliably do quality scanning+have very good to excellent overall writing quality , lets see the samsungs 182-183 have their leadin issues , the lg’s cant do quality scanning , the latest 18x/20x liteons have pretty avrege writing quality , necs are bad scanners and not exactly the greatest in write quality , the pioneer 111/112 looks very promising they aint accurate for scanning but better then the necs , how do the pio’s compare to lets say a liteon in scanning terms? , benq’s are nowhere to be found at least in my area , and no way ill get a plextor these are way too expensive , if theres no solid all-in-one burner i guess ill have to buy 1 for burnning & 1 for scanning , but i’d rather just buy 1 , any suggestions? :doh:

You might wanna reveal what area you’re based in.

I’ve heard good things about the Pioneer 111 and the Benq 1650s are also good. You might still be able to find Benq drives in your area - it really depends on where you’re based.

I can still find some Benqs lying on the shelves in my area.

well basicly israel , anyway i know all the online stores here and none of em have any benq’s , also nothing shows up on zap (its kind of like pricegrabber) , cant find any philips ones either (some of em are benq’s) , ive heard that some sony burners are benq too but couldnt find much about that (which models=which benq i mean)

Well, for example Sony DRU-810A are BenQ 1640.
You can also look for LiteOn DW1650, as LiteOn has acquired BenQ’s optical storage department and are selling some old BenQ DW1650 stock as LiteOn DW1650.

cant find em anywhere , is there a sony 1655? if so whats the model?