Looking for a software recomendation

For years I have been using Stomp RecordNow Max v 4.5. A few years ago when I bought it, it was the hot ticket according to many on these forums. It has served me well and I like the way it works. Yesterday I received my new Plextor PX-760A burner and naturally RNM doesn’t even see it. I have spent about an hour in the forums learning that I am probably out of luck in getting my current version of RNM to see or optimally use my new burner.
Stomp, Inc. seems to have disappeared from the earth and Sonic does not support my version of RNM any longer. The Roxio software I got with the Plextor doesn’t seem very versatile and just seems unsatisfactory. Is this a mistaken impression?
So what DVD burning software is the hot ticket now? I mainly use my burner to back up DVDs and CDs, to create DVDs from videotaped avi files and downloaded movies in various formats and to create MP3 CDs. I may want to use the drive’s DL capacity when the cost of media comes down.
So, please … some recommendations?

Thanks to all,

Jack in Phoenix

there are a few i would mention but my first purchase would be anydvd,

then you have got to find a software that suits your needs most on todays market provide a free trial like clondvd2 , cloncd which is great for on the fly, 1click etc this is why i advise you test them first, people opinions will differ on this one.
PERSONALLY i always find it is better to own at least a couple of programs

forgot to mention too the latest release of dvd43 is also working flawlessly at the moment with 1click dvd , due to the software being re-authered but dvd43 may struggle with other software , and it is avisable to only have one decrypter on your puter at the same time…

test them all as i said it wont cost you nothing barring a bit of time :cool:


AnyDVD for ripping and CloneDVD 2 for writing. Both are made my SlySoft and, if you enter their site from here (cdfreaks), they offer a discount.


GEAR PRO Mastering Edition is my recommendation

I make all my CDs and DVDs using this one and the it has been incredibly reliable especially with creating your own customised backup bootable CDs/DVDs too

It is good; if you don’t mind the price:

GEAR PRO Mastering Edition 6.05 Full Download - Retail … - $724.59 - Retail Downloads