Looking for a scanning drive for better compare to my Plextors

Hello @ all

You see in my signature most of my drives are Plextor drives. I use my Plexors for burning and scanniong. I also have an Samsung SH-S202N which is capable to do DVD scans. So far the scans are ok compared with my PX-716A or PX-760A.
To do a better compare scans I’m looking for an other drive for quality scans. I did not read the LiteOn section often in the past. For this reason I’m not sure if a LiteOn drive would be an acceptable scanner. And I also not sure if Litons can scan only DVDs or CDs also. The posts I checked were all DVD scans.

I’m looking for a drive with IDE interface no SATA. I have an eye on a LH-20A4H.

Now my questions:
Are Liteons reliable CD / DVD quality scanners?
Is there a special Liteon a good recommendation?
Any other comments to my issue?



LiteOn DVD drives are good for scanning DVDs, but don’t expect them to show the same error levels in general as your Plextor drives.

LiteOn DVD drives are not good for scanning CDs, since they only report C1 failures (E31) instead of all C1 errors (E11+E21+E31).

LiteOn CD-RW drives can be used for scanning CDs, but I’m not happy with the recent LiteOn CD-RW drives I have tested (5238S and 5239V) since they can fail to report any significant problem with deliberately damaged CDs. There are newer LiteOn CD-RW drives that I haven’t tested.

The A1 and A4 series are more or less similar in how they scan, but as always there can be significant differences between individual drives. The A3 series is somewhat different in how it scans, especially how it reports jitter.

Right now I’d prefer an A1 drive since it can report PIE, PIF and Jitter and also supports TA Jitter scans in CDSpeed. AFAIK the A4 series don’t support TA Jitter just yet, and it’s unclear if the A3 series will support TA Jitter scans.

Choosing useful scanning speeds is also a complicated matter with these drives it seems, and can depend on firmware versions and other factors.

DrageMester, thank you for your input. The idea for a 2nd (non Plextor) scanning device is I currently have a “problem” with an original audio CD, and both CDs have the same error characteristics. I made tests with my complete set of Plextor drives and I get always the same result.

I’m not the person who says after this result that this batch of CDs has an production error, but currently I’m thinking it is not a problem with my scans.

For this reason I made the decision to look for a non Plextor scannind device. Unfortunately the list of good or reliable scanners is not very long. The BenQ drives are not available anymore, and I have enough Plextors. That was the reason I was thinking about getting a Liteon… It would be perfect if the drive could reliable scan CDs and DVDs…

Only it it is interesting for the curious people. Here the two scans that increased the decision to get an other non Plextor scanner. (Only as an information, this scans are from 2 different audio CDs. Currently I have this album twice since the 2nd is currently not send back to Amazon). But this is a kind of oftopic and is not point of my discussuion… :disagree:

[QUOTE=TM;2033895]Are Liteons reliable CD / [/QUOTE]


[QUOTE=TM;2033895]DVD quality scanners?[/QUOTE]

IMHO only very limited. If at all, only at 4x:

I used to own a 18a1p. I didn’t come to trust it. It wouldn’t show errors at all unless a disc was really broken (and i want a warning well before that stage) or if for some reason the drive wouldn’t like some other drives burns (see for example ROPC PIF spikes).

IMHO you could as well stick with your SH-S202N:

At least i found my sample of the 2002N to be more sensitive to errors and also relatively consistent in it’s results.

[QUOTE=TM;2033895]Is there a special Liteon a good recommendation?[/QUOTE]

IMHO not really. However there ARE differencies between the models that might be worth considering. Look here for a comparison between DH20A3 and DH20A4:


[QUOTE=TM;2033895]Any other comments to my issue?[/QUOTE]

If you absolutely need a second opinion for CDs, try to get hold of a Benq 1640. As for DVDs the Samsung and a Plextor should do just fine.