Looking for a Quiet and region free burner

Hi folks,

I’m trying to find a good, quiet burner for my silent PC config. I heard good things about the Pioneer DVR-110 but it’s region locked. R/W speeds aren’t as important as sound. So basically I’ve got four requirements:

Region free
Internal and
Able to handle the usual DVD and CD formats at decent quality burn.

Thanks in advance

Hi :slight_smile:
The Pioneer 110.
RPC1 A10XL 1.22 will work on the 110.
This flash will also enable you to use Pioneer’s QuietDrive Utility
Should meet your requirements…

I am also building a silent PC to go in my TV room. Just curious to know if someone has determined definitively the most quiet drive ever. I don’t really care about the other variables as long as my OCD audiofile tendancies are treated to the best home theater expereince ever (ie, more quiet than you can imagine). Please help!!