Looking For A Program

I need a program thats kinda like a chat prompt except with a drawing window, that all users connected can draw on. Also capability of handling at least 8 users is good. Free is nice too.

Thanks to all that look!

windows xp has one built in, besides the 8 people thing. i think microsofts 3 degrees is supposed to have this, but im not sure. a friend and i used the built in one to figure out pictures for physics problems in the past.

i dont know any freeware / nonmicrosoft one off the top of my head.

In my college days, one of the groups had done this as a part of their project - It was a ‘whiteboard chat’ utility - with a common whiteboard where all users could scribble. The moment one user drew something, it would be notified to all the other users.

Unfortunately, I haven’t come across any such free/share ware utility.

a whiteboard chat huh? I’ll poke around SourceForge, thanks ExpertTech!

Start Whiteboard in MSN Messenger? It’s free. I tried it once I think.