Looking for a program

I’m looking for a good program to convert a DVD to AVI

AVI is a container format, so can hold many different types of video and audio. If you want to produce DivX/Xvid AVIs that are compatible with all computers and most standalone players then check out this guide.

If you want to delve deeper into the process and/or use command line tools then check out my thread. I will be releasing a major update of the batch tool in the next hour or so.



If you’d like a simpler tool and not have to dive head first into deep waters, there are a fair number of alternatives, like AutoGK, Xvid4PSP, and AviDemux. You’ll need to start with decrypted dvds.

You can find all three of these by a simple Google search and there are guides for using them at various sites, though it is probably easiest to look at videohelp.com.