Looking for a program to back-up mp3 files

Hi, wanted to ask this question for a long time…

Basically, I have a lot of mp3 files (mostly mp3 albums) which I want to back-up on DVD-Rs. I have already purcahsed some TYs online.
I wanted to know if there is a special software to make the process easy. I really would not like to drag and drop the directories or MP3 files into NERO and check everytime when they reach 4.7gb or deal with carryovers from one DVD-R to the other… :frowning:

I have noticed that NERO has a “BackItUp” app included in the burning suite. Is this the best software to use for a specific backup of mp3 files? Are there any better softwares that were designed for this specific purpose of mine.

Thanks in advance!

believe it or not itunes will help you do this. i found a tutorial on it online. let me look for the link.

it’s basically automated…you just have to feed it dvds as it finishes.

also, you can use itunes to create smart playlists by date so you can back up additions as well. (like if you back everything up today, you can tell itunes next time to back up everything that was added on 6/20 or later)

let me look for that link to save myself some typing.

these links should cover it. i think they both pertain to macs, but it’s mostly the same :slight_smile:


i used to hate itunes, but i have to say it’s SORT of beginning to grow on me haha

nero backitup will do it as well, but it will be in a special image format that will have to be put back together by nero when it comes time to restore your backup.

with the itunes way, the files are simply there on the disc.

Thanks a lot reasonsnotrules, appreciate the input.
Never thought that iTunes was that comprehensive.
Do u have any idea if it is possible to make a list of all albums that will be saved on each DVD-R in a TEXT format for a print out. So later I can just pop-up the DVD-R that has the album instead of guessing, which will just be too tedious. Guess I’m looking for a “list maker” to put it more simply.

Thanks again!

Your better trying neros start smart and make a data dvd with about 4.3 gigs not 4.7 on each dvd . This was the easiest way for me. Try one dvd and add the files and see if this works for you. Good luck.

I was initially thinking about doing that. But I thought that there are special programs that will make the process easy. Something like selecting my “ALBUMS” directory and simply inserting blank DVD-Rs as in automatic back-up. I have used the option you have mentioned for my mpg files, which are in smaller quantity than my mp3 files, which does not make it time consuming to use this “drag and drop till u reach 4.7/4.3gb” option.

itunes won’t list what is on each dvd as far as i know, but everything will be in order based on how you have the playlist sorted. my recommendation would be to sort by artist so everything is set up alphabetically.

you can go to “file>Export Song List” and this will create a text file of all of the songs. they will be in the same order as the dvds that were burned, but you’d have to guess what was on which album.

or after you burn it you could simply pop the dvd back in and then write in sharpie on the disc what artists it covers. you could then mark down on your .txt file disc 1 goes from say adam ant through foo fighters or something.

i’m nto sure how much music you have, but i have about a 55GB collection and am about to undertake the same task. this should only take me about ~14 dvds. in all the ways I’ve researched, this seems to be the easiest/most organized way of backing it all up.

if it were anything else, i’d strongly recommend a backup program, but with my music I’d prefer to have them simply as files rather than some proprietary image format. plus my car stereo plays mp3 files so it works out for me in that aspect as well.

in regards to a list, i just began this process with itunes, and it writes a “contents.xml” file to each dvd.

these can easily be copied to your computer and indexed for easy location of files after backing up.

while i’m in the middle of it, i’ll state the downsides as well (I assume anything that’s this automated would suffer from the same problems):

  • all spaces are replaced by underscores.
  • folders begin with a number instead of the artist name (to keep them in order I guess (ex: 07_New_Kids_on_the_Block)
  • it automatically senses how much will fit on each disc, but it may split in the - middle of an album so you have half an album on one disc and half on another if the split falls there.

it could be a lot worse, but then again it could be a lot better. when it comes down to it, this is still the easiest way I’ve come across to backup mp3s so that they can be restored onto any system in the case of hard drive disaster.

if anyone can recommend anything better, I’ll be watchin gthis thread as well!

I’d prefer not to use a “backup” program like nero backitup as I want the mp3 FILES actually on the disc.

I think with a task like this, if you want it perfect, you’ll have to manually do it yourself. for an automated process though, itunes works pretty well.

hey reasonsnotrules , thanks for the input.
I could not find any programs to do the job.
I have yet to experiment with iTunes.
I think I will back-up my mp3s manually. The majority of them are albums and are in folders, so it shouldd not be too messy. Afterwards, I will use iTunes or look for some list maker (ie SPR jukebox) to make a list of all the albums from each CD.

there’s a free program called ‘burn4free’ that burns audio CDs and cd/dvd data discs. i use it all the time to back up mp3s and pictures to DVD+R discs. it burns quick and easy. you can title the disc and view all files on disc through windows explorer. i just drag and drop everything and there’s a meter telling you have room you have used/remaining. for free its a great program IMO.