Looking for a plain and sturdy computer case

I am looking for a very nice case that is as cheap, efficient, plain, and sturdy as possible, and I do not care about how ugly and dull it is. I abolutely want the reverse of those horrendous lan-party cases with windows, neon lights, mini lcd screens and other superficial obnoxious thingies. The closet I can ever think of are Enlight casings, I will probably buy one of those, but I would definitely appreciate as many suggestions as possible. For every one of them I’d really need a link with pictures so I can judge for myself.


For my money, there’s nothing better than Lian Li cases. Plain and sturdy describes them perfectly. These are all-aluminum, and although they are not really “cheap”, you will never regret getting one. Lian Li at NewEgg

Lian Li cases are good, Antec cases are good, Chieftec cases are good.
Just pick any based on price.

You can’t simply go wrong by picking any of the 3 I listed.

Just completed another PC with the Antec SLK3000B. Rubber damper for the hard drives. Release brackets for optical drives, floppy drives, and hard drives. Two 120mm case fans (one comes with the case). Side vent slots. CPU cooling duct.

Search Google for Antec SLK3000B. About $45 delivered.

I would stay away from “quick release” and “tool-less” cases. There’s no substitute for drives firmly screwed into an aluminum cage.

Thanks for your replies. I’d need a mid-tower case not made out of metal actually. The Antec SLK3000B newegg I would really pick up the white equivalent of it, but the only thing I really dislike are the little bumps in the lower portion of the casing, other than that it’s fine, I would like something like this (that is, as plain as possible in that sense), if that’s possible of course. And damn, stupid lan-party boys, there are almost no good casings left. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure there is… I have a Chieftec case, made of very decent materials (not sure what it is, but it’s pretty heavy) and fitted with 5 neon light, a window and quite some other gimmicks that produce light. It’s both quality and fancy looks in 1 case :slight_smile:

Lian Li cases are very nice inceed, but they are pretty expensive. There are brands that imitate Lian Li cases. Some are good, some are bad. Don’t know if they available in the US. Some local stores here sell them under their own names.
Oh, before I forget: you might want to check out coolermaster as well. They also have a few sturdy aluminium cases…

Sorry I really meant not made out of metal (such as aluminium, it’s really too hard on my eyes). I do not care about spending more tough, but I want no metal, sturdy and plain, what’s the next best thing? And about the superficial features Dee-ehn noted, such as neon lights, mini LCD screens for temperature, windows and other things, I’d want absolutely none.

edit: you meant right save for Coolermaster, the thing I’d want people to understang the most is that I need it not to reflect lighting and be easy on the eyes, whether is’s plastic or metal, altough it’s sure metal is prone to that

The cases I was talking about (including my Chieftecs and the Coolermasters) come in darker variations as well. For example, my 2 Chieftecs are both metal cases, but one is white, the other one is dark grey (stock colors, no home-done paint job). Coolermaster has some very nice metal cases that are entirely black. That won’t hurt your eyes I presume… (they aren’t shiney).
For example, this one. I really like that case: good built, cools great and more than enough free space :slight_smile:

I meant clear and not shiny at all, something like beige plastic.

And do you want the entire case to made of plastic, or only the front?

The entire case if possible. About the cases you mentioned, could you post links of sites with as many pictures of all their aspects (including their interiors) if possible? I cannot go out in stores and check them out for myself, that would really help me. :wink:

Finally I bought an Antec case. If the bump really bother me, I guess I will just cover it with duct tape or something, thanks guys. It should be here soon. :slight_smile: