Looking for a place to download music (split)

Links are legal: Ask Google. What comes after a link may not be. You need to lighten up a little :iagree:

If I do a search on google I may very well end up on something the commen person don’t even want to know about, BUT it’s still there and I highly doubt you can change that fact. :disagree:

Ditch the GOD status, your not that good and the next time I see a birth or a death somehow I doubt you will have had anything to do with it. :rolleyes:

From the Rules of the forum:

We do not allow:

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Nobody answered the persons question. That would be breaking the rules. As far as a search for a link give me a topic and ill find hundreds in less then 5 minutes. That is what I was getting at. Searching and answering are two very different things. I could pm this person with enough links to keep him or her happy till rapture. I did not. I don’t own any music or game device. I don’t need the headaches, Given that it’s also well within my means to find anything out there. If you think my post was (disrespectful behaviour) BTW nice spelling ban me im sure in the next 2 minutes I can bounce off another proxy somewhere else on the planet and be right back on. The downfall of a new mod. The god like status they assume themselfs to be. Trust me little lady I got tricks I have not even used yet. And being no stranger to vBulletin I may have set in on the mod room without them even knowing it. I don’t take prisoners

What’s your beef?

  1. first you are dissing me for asking a perfectly normal question (I already provided an answer to the original question in my first post). I do not know this program mentioned and I was interested to know whether the links found by using this program refer to legitimately downloadable music…as I assume that is what the original thread starter was after.

  2. If someone acts upon a reported bad post and politely reminds you of the rules of this forum, there is no reason to go off about it the way you did. You have been a member of this forum for a while, you have been helpful to a lot of visitors here, for which I respect you, but the behaviour in this thread is something I had not expected from you.

  3. Nobody is banning you…not yet. If I felt that you misbehaved and/or broken forum rules, your account would have been disabled already, but I didn’t feel the need to do so.

  4. We can ban you, sure. You can create another account to get here by means of a proxy or whatever means possible, sure. You may even be able to hack this forum, that I don’t know, but I am sure it can be hacked and you are someone who is able to do so. However, what good would that do? It will cost you time and energy, it will cost us time and energy and if it gets out of hand, we’ll have to close this whole forum and then everybody will be upset…is that the road you want to take? I hope not, let’s keep this a friendly place and treat everybody with respect and be nice to each other.

We have forum rules here, for several reasons. The main reason is to keep this forum up and running, without trouble with the laws, and make it a helpful and fun place for as many people as possible. I trust you feel the same way and we can close this discussion and live happily ever after.

Lets consider the issues talked about and forgot. The best for all of us :iagree:

Im having a real bad hair day month

Forgetting about what just took place would certainly be a help. :wink:

Well sometimes life gets bigger then our brains. Im going through that right now. Reason I turned off pm and email. Just don’t want to deal with it. We friends again???

I can relate to that. Yep, friends again :slight_smile:

Cool beans :clap:

Does this mean I can help people to the best I can again. I may not get it right everytime but some times I hit the problem in the head first post out, and im happy with that. Im no dope, I know cretain things, others I know nothing about. In a way it sort of sucks because if it was not for this board i would not have anymore reason to live.

This thread is going dangerously OT :bigsmile:, but suffice to say your help is always appreciated :iagree: :iagree:

i posted something a bit depressing here, and rather than have a (.) ill post a picture of orange groves… ahhhh isnt that nice :slight_smile:

Split thread, moved it to Forum Talk, closed it.

Issue discussed, points made, apologies accepted, let bygones be bygones and let’s all be happy campers again.