Looking for a pdf Manual of Ariborne Assault



I am looking for a place that would have pdf manuals for "Airborne Assault :Red devils over ahrnem, or anyone who might have this pdf. my e-mail is Severe@mn.rr.com
thanks Severe


A review of the game :

The Lowdown: All the detail, depth, and challenge of a complex wargame in an easily-managed real-time environment. A must-have for wargamers.

Pros: Cool, fun, and realistic; turn-based wargaming in a real-time package; excellent manual.

Cons: Traditional turn-based grognards will have to learn to think out of the box.

Another review i found :

Score: 9.2 Author: ghoward79
This is how a war game should be. Best manual in the business

For the demo of the game :

From Battlefront.com:

Players can take command of either the British Airborne forces (the “Red Devils”) as they struggle to seize control of the strategic Rhine River crossing at the Dutch town of Arnhem in September 1944 or rally the desperate German forces as they try to repel the airborne invaders.

“Airborne Assault” free Beta Demo features include:

Four scenarios (including two tutorial/training battles)
Tutorial Documentation as a separate downloadable PDF File
Demo limited to 12 hours of simulated game time per battle
Solo Play only (Multiplayer supported in Full Game)

Convince me you bought the original or meant the demo and i’ll reopen the thread