Looking for a P4 mainboard with ISA slot(s)

A coworker of mine is looking for a Pentium IV mainboard (prefferably s478) that has at least 1 ISA slot. I know boards like these exist, but I have a hard time finding them. I can only find one expensive board by Soyo. I know there should be an Aopen out there too… I just can find it.

Who can help me? If I just get a brand + type, I’m quite happy.


In case you cannot find one, maybe an PCI>ISA adaptor would be a chance?!


Hard to find, but maybe worth a look. :wink:

I dunno… how reliable are these?

This mainboard is intended for a satellite dish controller (DAC/ADC) for pro use. Reliabilty is an important thing.

Supermicro has this board:

And there is a specialty industrial board manufacturer in Taiwan that can supply motherboards with ISA slots, such as this one:

Either of those is going to be expensive.

Edit: You might want to look through this list too:

ISA != reliability, get an old Penitum II/III comp instead.

Eh… I guess you mean that ISA + PIV is not reliable?
Actually I proposed a Tualatin P3 to them (getting Tualatin enabled P3 boards seems to be quite possible) but they didn’t like the idea. They want a P4-based system. Don’t ask…

Thanks for the options guys. I’ll send out an email :slight_smile:

They want a P4-based system. Don’t ask…

kinda tells you something about their level of knowledge

What ISA device is he planning on using, a simpler solution can be one of these guys I picked up 2yrs ago:


…just browse around and consider USB2.0 for high performance ISA (umm isn’t that an oxymoron… lol)