Looking for a oversized graphical tablet but not Wacom

I’ve been looking for a rather oversized /12"x19"/ graphics tablet in the past few weeks but only managed to find the wacom ones /intuos 2, 3 and 4 all have one/. I’m planing to take apart the tablet after purchase and try to integrate it into an LCD screen so logically I do not want to buy an expensive one /since it might just break in the process/.

Could someone help me find a NON Wacom graphical tablet at the size of 12x19? Or a pressure sensitive touch panel kit /one that would be able to work like a graphical tablet, with a minimum of 256 levels of pressure sensitivity/. Could it be possible only Wacom creates a tablet at that huge size?

honestly you’ll probably save money in the long run by stepping up and going with the real deal, there is a very good chance of destroying a tablet and a screen by trying to hack one together, and even a knock off brand tablet of that size will probably still be several hundred dollars.

Yeah I know I might as well destroy it but a Cintiq 21" is about 600k Ft here while that A3 tablet would be only 1/3 of that price. On the other hand I’m also considering other solutions which might not be as perfect as a tablet but might be less damaging to the screen. Like I’m looking for a [B]Duo pen for monitors[/B] but I cannot find one anywhere though it should be available for over a year now. It would have few pressure levels but it would work and would not damaged my screen, also it would be the cheapest solution until I can allow to buy a cintiq.

About three years ago, I heavily researched graphical tablets, before I purchased a wacom off of ebay for quite a deal. I really recommend that you wait and watch for a good deal, and buy wacom. Remember, you get what you pay for…