Looking for a new router



Hi guys,

I have recently upgraded to Broadband Max and as I currently use a USB modem, I thought that a router may give me better performance. Could anybody recommend a good one. I currently only have the 1 PC, so wireless isn’t necessary.

Thanks :bow:


If you only have 1 pc, all you need is the modem. You only need a router or switch, to hook up multiple pc’s.


A router is an excellent idea, but it won’t improve performance. What it will do is provide a hardware firewall that modems do not offer. Some modems do include a switch and can act as a router, but the level of security provided is pretty variable. Also, your modem may need to be re-configured to work with a router, so be sure your broadband provider will offer support for configuring on a network (some do not).

Eliminating the USB connect may well improve performance to some extent, does your modem also have a CAT-5/6 connect? If not, you’ll need a modem that does. Obviously, you also need a NIC in your PC.



All my Speedtouch 330 has is an RJ-11 plug. I’ve got an ethernet port on my mobo so that’s no probs. A router would also gives me the opportunity to hook up my PS2 if i get the urge! The thing is that my ISP will not refer my slow connection to BT as I am not using their recommended hardware (i.e router) for BB Max



I just picked up a Netgear DG834 for a client for £47 + vat. www.woc.co.uk. I have no idea how good other routers might or might not be but this one just plugs in and works - easy to configure. its good to have the hardware firewall and not to have to log on every time the pc starts. I wouldn’t go back to a USB modem for anything. They are free for a reason.


I’d grab an [B]old[/B] Linksys WRT54GS (V1-V3, you need to read on the box) or a Asus WL-500G Deluxe running DD-WRT.
Keep in mind that it’s a bit trickier to flash the Asus box though.
I’d really recommend it and zevia / Gurm too.


d-link are pretty solid


D-Link aren’t sold :wink:


Been using a 3Com ADSL wireless router for sometime. Excellent product. My son & a friend of mine have the same also with no issues whatsoever.


I find HyperWRT GSvThibor15 works very well with my Linksys WRT54GS V1.1


If you want to buy a wireless router, you should get 802.11a hardware, which is compatible to the upcoming 802.11n standard. I’ve had serious connection stability issues with 802.11g ones.

The router’s NAT should be enough protection for the most things.


Thanks for the suggestions guys, all this f/w issue is slightly over my head! Shouldn’t a router be good enough out of the box? I like the look of the netgear as It’s on my ISP’s recommended hardware list. Has anyone seen it for a good price? (UK)? Should it be good enough for my needs? Simple, secure, not wireless?


Yes, that will probably be just fine for your needs.

There are less than a handful of network chipset makers so the differences between the brands will be in the configuration interface, not in performance.

I would say get a wireless one anyway, as you may decide later to use that feature. In the meantime it can always be disabled. I’ve never had any problems with my G hardware, but wireless performance is always dependant on your environment anyway.




is this any good?

Netgear WGT624


I have a Netgear DG834 here. It has a nice firewall and the modem supports ADSL+2, so it should be pretty future proof. It doesn’t support [B]jumbo frames[/B] though, so the LAN part is not so great if you want really high throughput on your network.

The ADSL MAX product in the UK only supports up to 8 Mbps, so your present modem should be able to handle that speed.


post #5 £47 + vat. If anyone knows of a better source I would be interested to know.


E-Buyer £39.78 +VAT. And it is Revision 2 stock :wink: (Modem is ADSL+2) http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/52754/rb/18826521949


I know it’s a day old but linksys is a very good router direct or wireless I’m using a wirless and you can secure it through the internet to make it so wifi people can’t abuse your service. Very easy to hook up and install too.