Looking for a new EFM Burner (2/3 sheep) - Safe Disc 3.2 has struck

Well for a few years now my old Teac CD-W540E and CloneCD 4.2 have worked well However now I am running into later verisons of SafeDisc (2.5 to 3.2) and therefore lots of problems. Recently I have tested the current verisons of CloneCD v5+ and Alcohol v1.9.2
Right now I have the following hardware Teac CD-W540E & Pioneer DVD-106S

:cool: -> So I am looking for some recommenedations for a New Burner (either a CD or DVD if its Dual Layer) That is Capable of reading a burning EFM to take care of SafeDisc 3 (so any 2 or 3 sheep burners?)

Also other thing does a Samsung SW-252, TS-H492 or SM-352B fit this bill?

Thanks for any Info, it is appreciated :smiley:

Basiclly I am just looking for a good recommendation for a Top Notch 2 or 3 Sheep Burner

(as it appears my old Teac W540E is only a 1 sheep according to the alcohol-soft listings of burners)

However using Alcohol 120" I have been able to make an Image of a safe disc 3.2 that works when mounted in the virutal drive However I cannot make a back up disc … which is the problem

Well I think that I have found close to what I need by doing some more searching
A PLextor Premium or lite on 5238S

dont know about the other drive, but after getting an asus 5232as that didnt seem to pass the sheep test with anything higher then sd 2.5, i bought the lite on one you are looking at 5238 and it wont do sd 3 and was only successfull with sd 2.9 when i read from my dvd on another pc. im not sure how reliable the sheep test is, but thats my success with it.


Toshiba SD-R5272 seems to be great for that (too)!

Plus, it is doing dvds too (slowly at 8x, but dvd all the same!). Plus, being an “old” enough dvdr gen (8x), very cheap! From what i saw, seems to be the most praised current drive for that today (with the Plex Premium)!