Looking for a new DVD player



Hey guys what up,

Not sure if this message should be posted here, but here goes. I’m looking to buy a new high tech DVD player that will play pretty much everything. I have a slot-load RCA DRC310N DVD player that only really plays DVD+R. But I was looking for advice from you guys for a new DVD player. You know, something I can rely on to play different media formats. Not just for DVD but for music media also.

Im sure you know what I mean, I’m looking for a really good one that supports many formats! Thanks for any advice. Peace


Check out the dvd player section at www.videohelp.com and use the search function. :wink:


this isnt related but since you mentioned “music media” you should know that for audio cd’s dvd player will never compare to cd player
the quality is just superior


Hey Phil, I didn’t know that about DVD Players, to be honest I thought the technology was the same for DVD players. I will buy them separate that way I can get the best quality out them.



I assume your talking about a stand alone dvd set top player. A player that only plays +R would be a strange one, since -R has a higher compatability 93% compared to +R 87%. Dual layer are here and some older players have trouble with layer breaks. I have found it to be more of a burning app problem Nero 6 & 7. There are high defination upconverting Dvi-D,Dvd-I, and Hdmi. True digital to digital in video, but came out as a form of digital rights management. I had a Samsung HD841 upconverting Dvi player. My opinion after four units repaired and new ones a piece O junk. Replaced with a Sony Hdmi upconverting seems to be ok so far.
I would look for one local with a 30 day return policy like BB. I would buy one with the RBG Red, Blue, Green monster cable type hook up. These are being phased out for copy protection. My Sony and Samsung had both. I now use RBG on Sony and have no problems, The Samsung I ran Dvi and nothing but problems. Then burn +R, -R and try Dual layers if you have a dual layer burner and see the results, remember the 30 day return policy.
A friend has a five year old Pioneer that will play -R,+R,+RW, and +R-DL with bit rate set to Dvd-Rom. My 4 year old Jvc plays -R,+R and +R-DL with bit rate set to Dvd-Rom. My new Sony plays -R,+R and +R-DL with bit rate set to Dvd-Rom, and the Nero disc with the layer break problem that hang up the older players.
Nero 5,6,and7 have worked fine on single layer burned dvd video file mode. Dual layer another story the best I found is ImgBurn or his older program, Iso read Iso write on Verbatim + R-DL with bit rate changed to dvd-rom. I haven’t found a player yet that won’t play this disc!
Remember to buy good blank dvd media that seems to cause most people all the problems.


Hey cdanteek, thanks for the awesome info. It will come in handy when searching for a new stand alone DVD player :slight_smile:


Hi cornjuice!

If you want DivX/XviD-playback I would recommend Pioneer DV-470. It’s not HD-compatible, in case you need this hanky-panky video-freak stuff :wink:

If DivX/XviD-playback is important for your new player, you can read more here: http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=91616 (including a buyer’s guide). Check for MediaTek Chipset MT1389xx in your player for DivX/XviD playback in ANY case! I had another one (ESS Vibratto II) and it failed miserably (stuttering playback!). The DV-470 also plays DivX/XviD-files with MUCH higher bitrates than the DivX-standard demands. The old one didn’t even managed to play the standard bitrates…

The DV-470 takes anything so far: I once was visiting a friend and he had SVCDs I liked to copy, but we had no CD-Rs. So I copied the SVCDs on a DVD+R. Dropped it into the DV-470, clicked through the folders, selected the mpeg-file and it played them flawlessly.

Really nice player, pretty good audio and video perfomance as far as I judge it and read about it. Cost me 69 Euros at eBay, but is worth every cent.