Looking for a new DVD Burner

I have an Emperex IDE 1008, which you guys say is the worst burner out there, what are the better ones for a good price.

I do use a lot of rewritable DVDRW’s, and DVDR movies.

You’ll get lots of personal preferences with a question like this :wink:

My own preferences are Pioneer, LG, and LiteOn. :slight_smile:

:sad: [B]Arachne[/B] don’t like BenQ burners :sad:

Indeed, I’ve heard excellent things about them :iagree:…I just don’t own one :sad:

I have excellent results with my benq 1640. I’m planning to buy a 1650 or a 1655 (not decided yet), but also latest liteon drives with new learning feature are really interesting :iagree:

The BenQ 1650 has been discontinued.


Are you sure?

I’ve owned four Liteons, all still going strong…even my bottom-of the-barrel and ancient 401s…I mean how old is that thing! My latest acquisition, a 1693s is a great reader and burner, absolutely no complaints, even with marginal blank media, but I really only burn TYs (SL) and verbs for DLs. It’s been a great burner…about $40 or so.

I keep longing for a Benq, almost picked up a 1655 (Lightscribe, which I probably will hardly ever use…but it’s way cool). I was looking at the Benq forum recently and saw a lot of complaining about firmware and inconsistent DL burns…I just dunno…I’d still love to get a Benq… :iagree:


Newegg has a couple of benq1650 listed as in stock!! So how is it discontinued??

Originally Posted by CColtManM
The BenQ 1650 has been discontinued.

The BenQ DW1650 / 1655 is the best drive for single layer DVD media on the market atm., but not the best choice when it comes to DL media, at least with the current firmwares that is.

If burning DL media is important to you, there are better alternatives out there. But since most users only burn DL media occasionally, due to the high media prices still, this weakness should not be that much of a concern. A firmware update should be sufficient to fix this.

I purchased a BenQ DW1655 for 49.99.

I’m a single layer guy.

That would indeed be a record, as it was just released in the US a month ago. Of course, now that Liteon owns them, anything can happen.

And i just saw that it was on a site, it may have been the non enscribing one i dunno.