Looking for a new DVD burner, want to avoid long lead-in times


It seems my Liteon SHM-165P6S drive has died on me. It only lasted 10 months, seems like a mechanical failure, makes clicking noises, and no longer recognizes anything. Anyway… I won’t hold this against Liteon since I have a 4X Liteon that is still working fine after how many years (just a shame it can’t burn to 16X media).

Anyway, I kinda like Liteon. It seems to be the only burner that doesn’t makes coasters for me. But this last Liteon had a problem with slow lead-in times. Would take about a minute before it would start burning. I’m now reading some reviews for the new Liteon drives and I see this may be even worse now. I’m rather disheartened to hear this. Is this an issue with all the Liteons now?

Are the other brands that are having this issue as well that I should avoid? Or is this common now with these speeds? Thanks.

LG drives have short lead-in times. Try any new 18x LG drive, you won’t be disappointed. H22N, H42N, H50N, etc.

I second the LG.