Looking for a new drive with scan facility

Hi, i’m a semi-noob as I used to come on this board a year or so ago but i’ve been round the world for the past year so haven’t had a chance to drop by in a while.

I’m currently in the process of building a new system, I’m a musician so tend to do a lot of burning (promo CD’s, gig video DVD’s) so I need a drive that allows me to scan burnt discs i.e. the scans members post on here for different media in different drives. I know not all drives can do this (for example, my current NEC 3500-AG won’t work with this function on Nero CD/DVD Speed). My question is, what should I look for when choosing a new drive?

Here are some good ones I have used in the past.





If you want to do quality scans, you should stick to Plextor or Lite-On. You can use the proprietary programs built for those two brands (Plextools and KProbe) or you can use NeroCD/DVD Speed. BenQ drives are also reasonably good scanners, but are getting hard to find now that they have stopped making optical drives.

Go for BenQ 1655 and BenQ Scan utility.

OK I went for a LITEON DVD8900 which is actually supposedly a BenQ. None of the scan programmes work with it, they all say the drive is not compatible. How the hell do I tell if a drive is compatible as none of the drives I’ve looked at, including all of the ones suggested above, advertise this feature?