Looking for a new app

Hey, im new here :bigsmile: I recently bought a new 16x burner from samsung, Ive never burned a dvd before hehe…
so heres the deal: Im looking for good program to burn some dvd’s and make some backups of my pc/xbox games. I found a site: http://www.best-dvd-burning-software-reviews.com/dvd-burner-chart.asp

  • looks like the best apps are 1 click dvd copy and dvdxplatinum. BUT before I invest alot of money in such programs, I was wondering if those were really the best programs?

could you help me find a good program - THE BEST :wink: and I’d like one thats easy to use if possible…

THX :slight_smile:

There are a lot of applications you can do for your tasks. For burning simple data discs I prefer to user Nero. For doing DVD-Video backups I prefer AnyDVD together with CloneDVD. For Xbox backups I prefer to burn with RecordNow Max. I wouldn’t recommend DVDXCopy since, as far as I know, that program is not updated anymore as it got into legal problems. I think it would be best to download a few trial packages of various applications you want to check out, install them and see how they work. Good luck!

I was thinking about Alcohol 120% along with ClonyXXL (know any other programs that do the same, since im not sure about this program as all the official pages are german :disagree: ) its gotta be really good at all those cd and dvd images, which is why I am considering it… its got frickin emulators built in! :iagree: but if you know a program like clonyxxl, then I might change my mind hehe…

If you want the best video quality on movies and don’t care about time it takes (high end system will take you about 2 hours or so) and are willing to spend about $60 or so, try CCE Basic with DVD Rebuilder. I don’t burn Xbox games, never have so I don’t know of software for that, although I think most ppl get a hard drive for their xbox. For PS2 games I always use DVD Decrypter.

I want the best quality! :smiley: but is it easy getting started with? and whats the alltime best encoder? do I have to choose another program for my games and music?

I did a search and here are some guys that reviewed ALOT of encoders: http://www.tecoltd.com/enctest/enctest.htm - it says that the CCE encoder is still the best, nice to get a few other options and opinions heheh

does CCE work with Win XP?

well duh… it said so on one of the websites :rolleyes:

so CCE basic and dvd rebuilder is the best way to backup a dvd movie… what about games (dvds or cds) and music cds?

CCE works fine on my XP Pro (with SP2) system.

I tend to use DVD2SVCD (with D2SRoba) with CCE (V2.50) as my encoder. It gives very good results in a relatively short time, although some reckon that multipassing with CCE is better. From my experience you’ll be hard pressed to see the difference.

I’ve not tried backingup a DVD like this but use it to convert avi files to DVD. It is supposed to do it though. Look at the guides & tutorials within the Video Editing software forum.

Regards Xbox backups I think you need a modded Xbox first & backup through FTP from the Xbox to PC. Xbox disks are not readable on a PC, I think they’re written from the outside in.

yes I believe that’s how Xbox games are done. For PS2 games I use DVD Decrypter (free) in ISO mode (ISO Read, ISO Write) and burn at 1x. For PC games, I’ve only done 1 (Doom 3) and I used Alcohol 120%. PC games are a bit different because you have to break the copy protection, then put it back on when you burn it.

BTW, you will need to mod your PS2 or Xbox in order to play burned games.

http://www.google.dk/search?hl=da&q=how+to+burn+xbox+games&btnG=Google-søgning&meta= - my guess is that this is the best way to find out about xbox copying? google is my fetich :cool:

anyway, for pc games and music cd’s I should prolly go with using alcohol 120% right?

and for dvd movies, I should use CCE and dvd rebuilder (unless you know another program like dvd rebuilder thats better offcourse :flower: )

DVD Rebuilder and CCE are the best you will find under $2000.

but isnt there a program that better than just dvd rebuilder? something with more options?

not that I’ve found, but it may be out there. I suppose you could manually write the AVISynth script, but that’s a pain in the @ss. I know the program that does all the “dirty work” for DVD Rebuilder is CCE. That’s what gives you your high quality output.

DVD Rebuilder Pro comes with most options that other software has, such as making ISO image with the output, doing movie only, blanking extras so you still have a functional menu, stealing space from extras, also there’s the AVISynth plugins like Undot and Deen that help make better movie quality. The more recent versions come with an installer so it’s much easier to install than it used to be.

THX… I think I’ll stick with the cheap one then hehe

but dont I need to use a program like anydvd to get the dvd down on my harddrive? and what about copy protections?

anydvd is great, but not completely necessary. DVD Decrypter will work, but in the future it may be outdated because it is no longer updated. There is a new one out though called DVDFab Decrypter that I hear works pretty good. Or you could try DVD43, which works just like AnyDVD but not as reliable from what I hear. The benefit is that it’s free though :wink: