Looking for a multi disc player that cycles from DVD to DVD



Hello - I currently live & work on a merchant marine vessel which has our
own ships entertainment closed circuit TV/DVD system. The US Naval Media center provides a dozen or so different movies each month for the crews entertainment. These DVDs are region 8.

These are NOT retail DVDs. They’ve been “dumbed down” to a simple language/subtitle menu, and in some cases have only a 2 CH stereo soundtrack.

The problem that we have is that we have several region free multi disc players, but we’re unable to get the players to play through each DVD continuously for a couple of days, until we’re ready to change out with all new movies. Each movie stops a the menu until someone goes to the TV room and starts the next DVD manually. Needless to say this gets very very tiresome.

SO we’re looking into buying several new DVD players, provided they have
the following features;

  1. Upon completion of a movie it must cycle to the next DVD and begin the movie, without hanging at the DVD menu. It occurs to me that the movies may have to copied and the menus removed in order to get this to occur - am I wrong?

  2. It must play most or all formats - DVD-R & DVD+R, CDR, DIVX, MP3 etc…

  3. It must have the ability to play region 8 DVDs or be region free (or have the capability of being made region free).

  4. I would prefer a “shuffle” feature when playing MP3s (but this is not a

Which player(s) would best fit our needs?

Thanks for your time,