Looking for a LabelFlash capable drive in the US

I want a good desktop burner that I can buy here in the US that does LabelFlash. I have only seen the laptop drives. I usually use the NEC drives, but the ones that support LabelFlash are not available in the US. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Labelflash uses the upper side of the disc, so you can do the label even in a drive that didn’t burn the data.
You can try to buy a drive via the internet, but if you don’t want to take the chances you can use a laptop drive in an enclosure, as an external drive just to do the labels.

I actually did some research on my burner and it now supports labelflash via firmware upgrade(crossflash). Now I just have to find some media in the US. Looks like there is only one store selling it right now.

can you tell me about only one store ???
I know some here Fuji DVD-R 16X

I have yet to see any LabelFlash disc media in US.

[B]It’s here Fuji DVD-R 16X “LABELFLASH” DVD in Slim Case $1.99 each[/B]

Yeah, thats the one store. Too bad. I guess I am gonna have to buy some from there until it starts to trickle in. Wonder if Best Buy will ever get it.

Found another one:


Little cheaper, but shipping is more.

Found a few more:


One more: