Looking For a HP dvd840b bin file

I have a HP DVD 840b and the drive will not eject. So I flashed it to a LG-4166b to try and correct the problem. But it did not fix it. So now i want to flash it back to HP dvd840b so I can send it back to HP. Unless someone can help me fix the ejecting issue? If not please direct me to a location I can download a dvd840b bin file.

P.S. I have downloaded the upgrade file from HP but it does not have bin file in it. and i need a bin to flash my drive.

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It has. The HP packages can be extracted with WinRAR and contain an .img floppy disk image, which can be extracted with WinImg or simply be copied to a floppy disk. In this image there is a .zip file containing the firmware .bin file.