Looking for a HD Graphic card with Integrated sound and HDMI output

I know ATI makes such a device(s) but it’s very confusing what to buy. It appears some have special power requirements, some require Windows 7, etc. and all have more specs that I can understand.

I have a Dell T3400 with 500 Gbype disk, 4Gbyte RAM running Windows Xp and want to connect my HDTV flat panel as a 2nd monitor using only 1 HDMI cable. Help!!

If you want a silent card and do not plan on playing games, then this GIGABYTE Radeon HD 5450 would be a good choice.

If you want to be able to play some basic games as well, this would be a good choice PowerColor AX5670 512MD5-H Radeon HD 5670.

Which ever you choose, make sure you [U]don’t[/U] use the software on the disc that comes with the video card. You will want to download the latest version from AMD’s website. Also you will need the HDMI audio driver (unless its now bundled with the video driver).


Basic gaming (5670 performs very poorly)

Video-viewing (performs much better than 5450)
It’s “only” DX 10.1 but since the GPU is so slow on the 5450 DX11 is going to be unusable anyway. That card is virtually silent if you’re away 10 cm from it. I have one myself and you can read reviews if you don’t belive me.


And both these products work with Windows Xp?


[QUOTE=servtrkr;2539711]And both these products work with Windows Xp?[/QUOTE]

Yeah and all the Radeon 5000 series support PaP (Protected Audio Path) which means you also get the benefit of DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio.


Which will be useless since he’ll connect it to a TV

It’s “only” DX 10.1 but since the GPU is so slow on the 5450 DX11 is going to be unusable anyway. [/QUOTE]Doesn’t matter since the thread starter is intending to use XP (which supports DX9 only) :stuck_out_tongue:


A good time to upgrade to Win7 :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=DiiZzY;2539738]Which will be useless since he’ll connect it to a TV

Yes, the OP has already stated that, but perhaps I could have been a little clearer.

What I meant was it’s better for the OP to get a card that supports PaP now rather than being forced to buy yet another one if they ever decide to upgrade to a full surround sound system with HD audio.

My first response was a bit more succinct though. :slight_smile:


But getting anything less than a 5770 would be a very bad bang for the buck having performance in mind :-/

Well without knowing the budget or whether or not games are going to get played we won’t know whats in the best interests for the OP.

The 5***-series that is

[QUOTE=Dee;2539748]A good time to upgrade to Win7 :)[/QUOTE]

Agree and the Media center works alot better as well. But as anything the choice remains with the OP to decide so. Just think 7 will play alot better with the new graphics and drivers and work together just better. And I think correct if wrong 7 can do dual display with ATI cards making one display of two monitors or display two different screens at the same time on two different monitors.

I just received the HD 5670 and want to be clear on one point: You say not to use the CD s/w that comes with the package but rather download the latest from AMD website.

Are you saying NOT to use it at all and use the download on the original install or go ahead and install using the CD then follow up by updating with the download version?

Install with Downloaded version not the one on the CD

Installed the HD 5670 as you recommended and it was completely painless. Graphics look good as does my flat panel driven through the hdmi connector. Thanks for the help everyone!

Awesome! :smiley:

Now that I’m up and running with the ATI Radeon 5600, I have a question: It seems everytime I want to watch TV through the HDMI port on the graphic card I have to go into the control panel and select ATI HD Audio rear output before I get any sound through the TV. When I do that, however, even though the TV sound works as it should, no sound is available on my workstation until I switch back to my SoundMAX HD Audio which then, of course means no TV sound.

Is there a way around this so they are both active at the same time?

I don’t know if there is a way around that, maybe someone else knows…