Looking for a good scanner

A few years ago I got myself a LiteOn LH-20A1H, and started scanning my discs with Nero DiscSpeed and saving snapshots. Later I bought a pair of LiteOns DH20A4P. I was a happy LiteOn user.

Over time both DH20A4P began to give inexact analysis results, so I kept only the oldie LH-20A1H, and bought a new iHAP122. To my surprise, the anlysis made with this new drive are different than the ones from the other 3 drives. Not a happy LiteOn user anymore.

I tried a Samsung SH-S203D, and an Optiarc (don’t remember the model, it’s a notebook drive), and none of them give the results I expect.

Is there a chance to find a new drive that performs similar to the old LiteOns?

I hope I made myself clear, English is not my main language.

Sorry for the very late reply. :flower:

[QUOTE=IVaN_000;2432860]Is there a chance to find a new drive that performs similar to the old LiteOns?[/QUOTE]

This is a very complicated issue. Basically, Lite-On no longer makes drives with the scanning capabilities of it’s older models. You can still find some of those older drives, but you will have to buy them used on eBay or they will cost you more to buy new than a similar drive that is currently being manufactured. Also, figuring out exactly which model will work correctly isn’t easy. Lite-On’s model numbering scheme has gotten complicated, and they have switched the internal components of their drives in such as way that you don’t really know for sure what you are getting anymore. :doh:

Your best bet is to browse around the Lite-On forum, do some research and reading, and draw your own conclusions. There is no simple answer to this kind of question anymore.

Thanks for your reply.

My solution was to buy one iHAP422 and two iHAS422, delete all my old snapshots, and start again.