Looking for a good quality DVD writer

My DVD-Writer died out on me, and I’m getting tired of replacing it ever couple years. I burn a lot of disks, around 10 a week on average
The drive that died is a Lite-On iHAS324.
I’m not sure what brand or model to really look for, however I do use Verbatim AZO disks for anything important and anything I need for a couple days I use Verbatim’s regular line. Not the life series, it just isn’t AZO.
What I want in a writer is for it to make good burns (though that should be about any drive out there with the media I use.), is fairly quiet at high speed, and will last for for more then a couple years. It needs to be intern and use a SATA connection. I would prefer it to be black to match the rest of my computer, but if need be I will accept a different color. Beyond that I’m fairly open. I don’t want to spend a lot, however I would think that around $50 should get a good drive. If needed, I can move money around, I would like to keep it as cheap as possible though.
I am in the USA, close to a Microcenter and Fry’s Electronics. Online ordering is OK.

To be clear in terms of it being quiet, I have a Lite-On iHBS-112 that I use only for reading. (It was on sale for $50, and I don’t need to burn Blu-Ray disks.) When it is reading at max speed, I can hear it, but it’s acceptable. I would like it to be no louder then that. Sorry, I don’t have a Db rating.

DVD drives have become commodity products. Very few people use them with any regularity, and the materials that are used in their construction has dropped in quality. With profits so very small on these drives, there is little incentive for quality control testing either.

No one here at the site is particularly enthusiastic about the current crop of dvd burners. There simply isn’t much to choose from among them.

If I had to get a dvd burner, I’d probably buy the last of the Sony Optiarc line. You can still find it at Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827118073 There are no guarantees it will last any longer than anything else however.

The Pioneer blu ray drives are still getting good reviews from our members. I bought one last year, and have no complaints, but I don’t burn nearly as much as you…perhaps one blu ray a week and one or two dvds a month in this burner over the last six months. If you want to include blu ray burners as a possible choice, then this would be what I recommend above any other optical drive: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827129074 At seventy dollars, it is well above your stated budget.

That’s a shame. I have a blu-ray burner, but I use it as a player. Almost sounds like it would be worth it to just get whatever burner I want as low as possible and continue to replace them every couple years.

The price range is more of where I want to be, however if it will hold up longer, I will pay more.
I forgot to list what I was looking at from Microcenter.

Pioneer - DVR-S20MBK
LG - GH24NS90
LG - GH24NS95
Pioneer - BDC-207DBK
Pioneer - BDC-208DBK

I’ll be going soon, however I have a smartphone. In addition, if I don’t hear anything, I’ll probably try for the Pioneer 207 or 208.

Buffalo Dvsm Pc58uv2b External DVD Writer For Laptop/pc

I agree with Kerry56 in reply #2 to a point, but I read in another thread that the Sony Optiarc AD7200S was actually better than the latest Sony Optiarcs and was able to find a new one on eBay for $27 with free shipping about 6 weeks ago. I suggest getting one of those if still available.

Well, it’s a bit late as I already picked up a Pioneer 208.

BDC-208 as listed above, correct? The BD-ROM (not BD-RE)/DVDRW/CDRW drive?

Its the BDR-208DBK.

Ah, so a full BD-RE drive. Hopefully it lasts you for a while. :slight_smile:

Well, the BDR-208 stopped reading all Blu-Ray disks. Weather it’s a purchased movie, blank BD-R, or a written BD-R.
I started using it to read BD’d because my Lite-on stopped reading disks.
I went out and picked up an LG-WH16NS40 from Microcenter and I got a 3 year warranty. At least when this one dies out I can bring it back for a new one.
For now, my only complaints about the LG are that it takes it a little bit to mount any disk, usually around 30 seconds or more. It also can’t do Nero’s quality scan on disks. Next month I’ll be picking up another Blu-Ray burner to replace the Pioneer depending on what they tell me.

I went out and picked up an LG-WH16NS40 from Microcenter and I got a 3 year warranty. [B]At least when this one dies out I can bring it back for a new one.[/B]

You seem to be a clueless dreamer.


You seem to be a clueless dreamer.[/QUOTE]

I should clarify. According to the terms of the warranty, I will either receive a replacement drive, or the price of the drive as store credit.
My claim to getting a new one is in relation to getting a new drive, not necessarily the same model.

…depending on where you live, how far the purchase is away and the manufacturers/sellers rules about warranty etc. :wink:

I am in the USA and got it from Micro-center. I picked up Micro-center’s 3 year warranty which goes beyond the manufactures.

Well, hopefully you can keep getting drives as they fail. Do you have any idea if the drives fail somewhat quickly because you actually use them to do stuff, or if it could be heat, or…?

It’s probably because I actually use them, somewhat heavily. I don’t think heat is a problem as I have my case set up for airflow being pulled from the front and pushed out the back. There is space between the two optical drives, and I never use both at the same time. Still, I find it odd that both drives stop working seemingly at the same time. My reader started having issues reading some Blu-Ray disks, but the burner read them without an issue. Then, they both juts stopped reading Blu-Ray disks entirely at the same time.
Plus side, the warranty was only $15 and the drive was $57.
However, this year I am going to be building a new PC with a new case and transferring all my drives over. One thing I am doing is replacing my power supply as it’s a little over 5 years old now. It’s marked at 750 watts, but I think it’s only able to push out a solid 550 now. That’s fine as my system really only needs about 500 to run, but it won’t hold up to an i7 based system.
Who knows, if it turns out to be a power supply issue, it was my fault and it will be fixed. My next power supply will have Japanese solid capacitors, so it should last for a long time. I also leave my PC on 24x7, so it’s a little stressful on my power supply.