Looking for a good priced HDD, Blu-ray drive, Blank DVD media...click here for details



Seagate 500GB HDD for only $59.99

HP 16x 4.7 DVD-R/DVD+R Media 50 Pack $11.50

Sony BD-ROM Reader only Blu-ray Disc drive: $179.99

Pioneer BDC-S02 Blu-ray & 12x6 DVD±RW DL SATA Drive (Beige) $119.99

Happy shopping :iagree:


Might want to mention that some of those are refurbs. Other than that it looks pretty decent. :wink:


Since all of them are from geeks, I don’t even bother.
Many of what geeks sell are refurb and their return and exchange is pain in the ass,
Maybe just a blank media since it cannot be refurb,but still i am not using HP, so pass again.