Looking for a good PCI IDE card for supporting dvd drive as a bootdevice

Recently, I purchase an ASUS P5B-VM mobo, with only 1 ide port on-board.
I want to add my old ata device back to the new mobo. I add the 2 hds using the on-board ide. Now i want to add the 2 dvd drives back, with a PCI-IDE card.

Are there any good PCI-IDE card with good support with the dvd drive devices? I heard that PCI-IDE is not good at supporting dvd drives.

I want the dvd drive to be bootable.

Can any computer experts give me some suggestions.

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Here’s a link to the only thread i can think of here for help off the top of my head. Hope it helps you…

Do you have an organized list that show all the support drives for each pci ide card?

I don’t think so. Those forums need to be tidied up.

Can anyone give me a suggestion of pci ide card?
The 2 optical drives that i used are Lite-on and Micro Advantage

I have an Promise Ultra ATA 133 TX IDE controller card. It works very well and I use 4 HDD on it. Transfer rates are good and IDE Card works stable with no problems. It works in Vista 32 Bit but I believe there are no drivers at all for Vista 64 bit and will probably never be supported. It does not work in Vista 64 bit as I have tested it. So if you want to use it in the future for Vista 64 you are better off finding a card that has 64 bit driver support. I haven’t found such a card yet. But I recommend the Promise Ultra ATA 133 IDE controller card. I choose this card because of pricing. You will find that other IDE controller cards will be very very expensive. My card only cost me $20-30, other brand cards will run you up to $50 or more which is practically ridiculous.