Looking for a good JPG noise filter

When I take pictures with my digicam in pretty dark places, I get a little green and purple noise in the pictures. Is there any good software to filter these out?

I guess it’ll be based on some interpolating algorithm…

I don’t have that much experience with enhancing noisy pictures, so I can’t help you on that aspect.
However, it’s always better to avoid the noise, I think. In this case, it seems that the noise you mention, is caused by an insufficient flash (very common problem on digital cams).
So you could try 3 things:

  • disable the flash completely
    This sounds strange, I know, but I mean: the flash on most cam’s is mostly useless in any distance larger than let’s say 2-3m. Less sensitive CCD’s can’t deliver a clear picture in those circumstances. So try to take a picture without the flash and afterwards you can use gamma-correction (eg Coreldraw’s) to make it look brighter, if needed.

  • Use an external flash
    That will provide enough light, so you won’t need to gamma-correct the pictures afterwards

  • Turn on the light :slight_smile:
    Not always possible, off course, but try to make as much light as possible.

PS. I’m not judging on your camera, but just talking in general:
magazines that show tests of digital camera’s are usually not very kind to high-end, expensive cam’s; “way to expensive and the image quality isn’t better than the cheaper brands”. But I haven’t yet seen a test comparing images taken on low light conditions :slight_smile:
While those pictures would really show the difference in quality; sensitivity of the CCD, also in low-light conditions is better on the expensive brands and types.

I use something called Neat Image. It’s not very intuitive but it works once you figure it out. ***.neatimage.com Give it a shot.

Hmmm I did try that NeatImage program but I can’t get a really good result. I can make the noise dissapear, but the differene in image quality is really realy huge.

Wannes: I did notice that in some situations taking pictures without the flash is quite a lot better. Just one problem, due to the enlonged shuttertime moving objects are turning into “ghosts”…

have you tried Irfan viwer? it is a nice full featured imaging program and it’s free.




i guess :wink: