Looking for a good FTP SERVER

I need:

  • Support both for vannila FTP and SLL (SSH/SFTP would be a plus) and ModeZ
  • The standard options anyone should expect from any decent server (bandwith/user control, IP filtering, virtual links and so on)

And something where the servers I’ve tried so far, despite being top rated in the market (Globalscape S-FTP, WS_FTP, Serv-U) failed miserably:

  • Simple, easy-to-use, pleasant, real-time status/user monitoring interface

About that last point, I’ve used BulletProof for some time and I love it. Despite being a fully featured FTP server, the interface is more akin to a regular client making status and user monitoring a peach. I do believe that’s the right approach to the monitoring component of a good server - alas, currently BulletProof has no support for secure connections such as the protocols I mentioned above.

So I was wondering, is there a server out there with secure protocol functionality but the kind of practical, nice interface that makes me like BulletProof so much ?

Thanks! :bow: