Looking for a good, fast DVD-ROM for ripping

My trusty liteOn SOHD-167t has died and I need a replacement for ripping my retail movies (for backup purposes) Can anyone suggest an inexpensive replacement? I do not want to use my BenQ 1655 for ripping as I would like to save the lens for burning.


Maybe the LiteOn 16P9S or SV.

The Asus E616A gets my recommendation. Not as fast as the Aopen 1648 AAP/PRO but it is better at reading scratched up/poor quality discs and still rips at decent speeds.

thanks. I was looking at the Asus as well.

I just downlaoded the latest frimware for my 167t (Lite0On) and flash the frice and now it is working perfectly again. I will hold off on the Asus.