Looking for a good DVD-ROM


I’m building a new PC and want to hear some opinions about DVD-ROM drives (not about writers). Your opinions should not be based on marketing tech babble but on your own experience.

I want the drive to have (importance in that order):

  • good error correction abilities
  • high DAE quality, preferably with C2 reporting (DAE speed is not that important)
  • reasonably good DVD ripping abillities (needs not to be outstandingly fast)
  • fast access times
  • low price etc. (what everyone wants)

Basing on what I heard until now my current choice is the AOpen DVD-1648/AAP Pro.

I’m awaiting your suggestions…


Come on guys, you still have DVD-ROM drives, don’t you?

you can find 1000’s of comments and opinions on various DVD-ROM drives by using the search function, alot of people are sick and tired of ‘whats the best’ threads, I would stick with the choice you’ve already made and be happy with it. There is a thread dedicated to the Aopen 1648 series, have a good read of it, it should answer most if not all of your questions.

Liteon is the next best choice. The 167T is good for what you want with the patched firmware from:


LiteONs aren’t great at DAE. Obviously Plextor are best for that, so if you can afford one of them, go for it! My Asus E616 is also very good at DAE, don’t think it has ever messed up on me.