Looking for a good DVD reader

I am looking for a good DVD-ROM drive, which is able to read DVD±R(W) fast. A fast check in several webstores showed that at least Sony DDU1612, Plextor PX-116A, LG GDR-8162B/BB/RBB, Pioneer DVD-120S and Samsung SD-616Exxx seems to be available.

Any of those which will be a noticable better performer at reading all kind of DVD discs than the NEC ND-2500A?

Get a LiteOn! The LiteOn JLMS 166S DVD-ROM drive is usually highly recommended!

I agree. Wonderful drive. :slight_smile:


LITEON is very good at reading all kinds of DVD and CD media. In the past I have extensively used DVD readers from Pioneer and ASUS but I will say that the Liteon as been the most reliable till date and the best reader.

Sony DDU1612 is a LiteOn 166S, so you can get that if you can’t find a 166S.
Sony DDU1613 is a LiteOn 167T. Also a good drive.