Looking For a Good DVD Burner

Hello folks,

I have been looking to upgrade into the dvd world and get rid of my asus 5224 cdr. It has served me well and has only made 1 coater in the 3 years I have had it. I am looking for a dvd writer with similar qualities.

While looking I discovered the new “lightscribe” drives. I really like that feature. I am not sure if it is just a gimmick or what. I guess I don’t have to have it but I would like it. That lead me to the Samsung SH-S182M. It seems like a good buy but seeing some complaints on here about read quality kinda scares me. Would this be a good buy? Can anyone else recommend another brand or model??

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about the SH-S182M, but I have the SH-S182D, and about the reading quality - excellent, especially with scratched or deteriorated discs.

It’s a great burner also. :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I would recommend the Liteon 20A1# (I got the 20A1H Retail from newegg).
It can make awesome burns (already burned some verbatim with max PI of 8) with good quality media, seems to read fine and the lightscribe seems fast (18 min for a “best” quality print of a highly detailed image).
The only comparison I have is my 3550A (which is a good burner also) but I love my liteon so far.

Personal experience-Sony has several drives that have served me well before DVD. My new DRU-820 is running fine with Verbatim discs. The DRU830 is the current version, btw.

Go either for BenQ (1655/1650/1640) or NEC (3550/4551).

Well dang I made a post here to hopefully get an idea what to buy. Now I have so many options I don’t know what to do! :bow:

Pioneer and LG also make very good burners, but the Pio’s have no Lightscribe models.

Maybe it would be better if you could let us know what brand/type of discs you’ll be burning. Verbatim, Sony, HP and + or -. Going to be any dual layer burning?

Hehe that happens a lot on here - you’ll get all of us telling you our favourites :smiley:

As mentioned above, LG are another good choice. :slight_smile:

Arachne’s advice on Samsung drives is good. They are usually tough and long-lived. My personal preference is for Pioneer.

Just to add, the Sony DRU-830 mentioned above is a rebadged Samsung SH-S182D. :slight_smile:

I have a NEC DVD RW ND -3500AG (2.56)e.
I have never hade any problems ,but want something that can scan.
Welcom any tips .
Thanks Diane.

Pssst…Diane…a nice LiteOn drive :iagree:

Thanks been reading lots of threads all over ,now I dont have to do any more reserch.Just needed an Expert scanners opinion :bigsmile:

Well, I’m not an expert scanner, but LiteOn drives are definitely my choice for scanning :iagree: - I’d be lost without a Litey in my PC :bigsmile:

Judging from your first post reading quality is crucial for you. So stay away from NEC and LG drives. Although they are said to produce very good burns, reading damaged discs is surely not their main domain.
I can confirm Arachne’s post that the Samsung SH-S182D is an excellent reader and the S182M shouldn’t be any worse. But being on your place i’d go for a 18x or 20x LiteOn as their overall quality (scanning abilities, community support) seems to be better for me.

I do agree with you on the lite on unit for their ablilies and support as those are the reason I choose to stay with Liteon units. I have a 20A1H unit LL06 although I noticed people in the forum have stated they have problem with the unit but as with everyone there will be incompatiblities with software and hardware setups.


If I could only have one drive - my choice would be the [B]LiteOn 160P6s [/B] - it’s made well - works well- reads well - scans well - gives better burns than my old NEC 3500 - all at a reasonable cost and decent support from LiteOn-eh!

Well seeing how I have never had a dvd burner, I don’t know what kind of media the local stores have. As far as cd-r’s I have never had a coaster with Imation or Memorex. I usually get the 50cd pack at walmart for $15. Since I have been looking online for a dvd-rw I have noticed alot of sites selling good media at good prices. Looks like I can get a 100 dvd-r pack for less then $20. Don’t know how in the world I would ever fill all those up.

I was wanting to upgrade to a dvd-rw because I have a bunch of files that I wanted to transfer to my girlfriend’s laptop and she is several 100 miles away. Outside of that the only other thing I might burn a dvd for would be to fill it up with tv shows so I could watch them all on my dvd player in the living room.

So for what I need it for I certainly don’t need the best. But I choose to only support companies that make the best :bow:


But don’t both the s182m and the 20x liteon have that weird lead-in problem with burning? That was one of the reasons why I made this post. Both the samsung drive I wanted and the liteon drive I wanted were said to have that lead-in problem…


I might as well put in my 2 cents. If you have Serial ATA (SATA) Connectors on your motherboard then you cannot buy better than the Plextor PX-755SA (SATA) DVD Burner.

In addition to that, be sure and use the best media that you can afford. I only use Verbatim single and dual layer media and can’t remember when I last burned a coaster.