Looking for a good drive to rip files


I’m looking for an internal PC drive in order to rip Music lossless files from CD’s.
Objective is to rip AIFF or WAV files with the highest possible quality, I’m using Dbpoweramp software.
I remember times ago Pioneer & Plextor were the best drives but might not be the case today ?

Thank you for your feedback


Hello .

Nowadays , those DVD/cd drives are very old technology :

-It is not profitable anymore to build something around CD …
A technology that old does not bring big income to the factories…
And thus, [U]plextor[/U] [U]pioneer[/U] have left that kind of hardware building to [U]mediatek[/U] and the like …

-The drive you will buy may look like the original cd/dvd drives
but they are simplified , stripped of some functions ,
that’s why a lot of those drive cannot see errors on CD anymore
or cannot rip CD very well, DVD is in a better situation sometime.

-Before the “High Quality” ripping ,you may need to find
a non scratched , not too old plastic , clean surface CD…

-Are your CD-s in perfect condition ?
Don’t you need to scan them first and
then clean or repair them before a final scanning and ripping?

-> Some drive can [U]scan[/U] [U]c2 errors on CD[/U] , and other on DVD ,but not both.

->Some drive are good ripper ( data extractor ) but cannot see the errors…

I am looking to scan before ripping CD-s.

The CD scanner and/or ripper is hard to find and some time ,
hidden under another brand .

->I found out that one of the last chipset related to CD is the Sony-Nec-Optiarc chipset
( [U]good to scan CD[/U]) It may be hidden inside a Lite-On iHAS124-04[U]y[/U]

The thing is the Y is not written anywhere in shops… so you have to ask…otherwise , you may buy a Mediatek…

Then I will look for a good CD ripper/ extractor…the one that is not shortsighted and or forgiving on CD , but that is another story…

Nowadays a “Pioneer” or “Plextor” may be a “Lite-On” with “Mediatek” chipset inside
and no good for CD…or “Nec” chipset , good for scan on CD , but not for Ripping…

That is the situtation until CD are completely out of business.
The day I find the scanner and the ripper , I will buy a dozen of each…