Looking for a good decryption for my pc games

i need to find a good decryption for my pc games anyone know what program is good for it

Unlike movie dvds, pc games are not encrypted. They rely upon structural protections and are much more difficult to defeat. Good programs for making back-up copies/images of pc games include alcohol, blindwrite and CloneCD. (Note: discjuggler is also very effective in dealing with certain types of copy protection if you have suitable hardware)

i have alcohol 120% but when i start to make the iso it say disc error so what do i do now

what game? what error? what copy protection?

If the game is safedisc protected, that’s normal.

I use power iso, (works in evaluation mode, no need to register) To rip PC & PS2 DVD & CD Roms, to create ISO Images, second to none, works brilliantly, Then I burn to disk using Imageburn (Also free software) at 1X speed for flawless results, No need for Alcohol 120%, Nero or many other "Paid for " Software, and also use Elby Clone Drive for Mounting disk images works with fewer Problems than Daemon Tools When mounting CD/DVD Rom Images. All programes mentioned here are free and can be found with a google search engine. RGK

I failed to mention above that this should be done to make a backup of a disk or disks that you have in your own personal collection, I have 2 young children who would surely destroy my original CD/DVD disks if left to load games by themselves, I can live with replacing a copy not an original disk. RGK.

Yeah, I use Blindwrite and it works great - except I ripped a pc game disk for Vista, and when i inserted the game, it told me to insert the original disk, rather than the backup I created. The program didn’t give me any errors, and both ripped and burnt process was fast. The game was Wanted: Weapons of fate.

^ Is the game on a cd or a dvd? What copy protection is used (scan the installation folder with Protection ID and let us know)?

Sorry I havn’t posted, been awhile since I’ve been back, but I downloaded Protection ID and am kinda confused as to how and what files need to be scanned - the game was on a cd format.

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