Looking for a good combination of a DVD/CD-Reader & DVD/CD-Writer

Hello everybody,

I’m going to build up a new PC (the first completely new one since 6 years! :slight_smile: ).
Therefor I need your advice to choose the right optical devices.
Of course it is also a matter of personal preferences. So it would be nice if you could be as objective as possible.

I plan to use two devices so that two basic combinations are possible:

combination A: 1x DVD/CD-Writer + 1x DVD/CD-Reader
combination B: 1x DVD/CD-Writer + 1x CD-R/W-Writer

Now the features that I need:

Important hint: These features can be spreaded over the devices.
That means it is not important that for example the DVD/CD-Writer can Rip Video-DVDs very fast if the DVD/CD-Reader can do this. So it ist only important hat one device of the chosen combination has this feature. I think you’ve got the point.

Now the Requirements:

writing features:

  • at least 16x DVD+R writing speed
  • at least 40x CD-R writing speed
  • at least 24x CDR-W writing speed
  • good overall writing quality on verbatim (or other well known) media
  • support for Bitsetting at least for DVD+R media
  • DVD+R/RW & DVD-R/RW writing capabilities
  • DVD-RAM writing would be nice but is not mandatory
  • Two Sheep Burnder would be nice (is there any 3 Sheep Burdner out there?)
  • silent operation would be nice

reading features:

  • good error correction
  • possibility to read copy protected Audio CDs
  • possibility to read out many copy protected Game CDs to an image (only for backup!)
  • possibility to read out many copy protected Game DVDs to an image (only for backup!)
  • fast DVD Ripping Speed (or available firmwarehack to enable this)
  • fast CD Ripping Speed
  • silent operation would be nice
  • DVD-RAM reading would be nice but is not mandatory

general features:

  • black version or black bezel should be available
  • good overall workmanship (in german you would say “gute Verabeitung”)
  • good material quality

Long story short: I’m searching for the nearly perfect drives :bigsmile:

Okay, now it’s up to you.
Would be very nice to read some good suggestions.

best regards

PS: I hope you can understand everything. English is not my native language :wink:

Would be nice if anyone could help me…


Forget that. As these drives are very cheap nowadays, they are less solid than previous models.


Then I have to drop these two points.
The only brand which claims to be the “King of Quality” is Plextor.
But their actual products don’t have the rquired features … :confused:

What Do you think about this combination:

LiteOn LH-18A1P + LiteOn SOHD-16P9S

Or would this be the better choice:

LiteOn LH-18A1P + Plextor Premium2

Which combination covers the most of my requested features?
What about the Pioneer DVR-111?

Is there any actual DVD-ROM drive which is as good as the old Toshiba SD-M1712 or the first Version of the AOpen DVD-1648AAP?

Are the LiteOn LH-18A1H and the LiteOn LH-18A1P exactly the same drives except for the Lightscribe feature?

Thanks for your help.

so long

pioneer is good

There are many good writer out there :wink:
It’s more important for me to know, which combination of reader and writer will support the listed features.

best regards


If you can still find it, The Asus DVD-E616A is a good DVD-ROM drive.


Also regarding LH-18A1P, this preview is quite interesting. :wink: