Looking for a good CD/DVD printer



I am looking for something to print color lables onto DVD’s. Is Lightscribe any good? What printers out there can also print to discs? I dont want to spend more then $150.

Is the quality of Lightscribe good?



Lightscribe does not give you color image, but shades of gray.

Any of the Epson printers will print in color on ink jet discs.

Also some of the Canon printers can print on CD/DVDs. However, this function is disabled on printers sold in US. Can be modified. See discussions on the site on how to do this. Don’t ask me how to do this as I use Epson.

I am currently using an Epson R280 with a continuous ink system.
Works fine.

The price range you mention (under $150) is ok for this type of printer.
I paid about $100 for my Epson R280 with CIS on EBay.

Read the posts. You will find discussion of many printers here.

Hope this helps.


Imation AquaGuard disk print excellent no smear results.

Epson R280 or Artisan 50 excellent with this CIS/CISS system.

Worth all the pennies. Excellent for printing. AquaGuard is very best surface over Watershield glossy. AquaGuard matte but perfect no smear for me yet.