Looking for a good automated cd duplicator

Hi all. I am new to these forums and I am looking for a good automated cd duplicator for around 50 CD’s at a time. We currently have the Disk Makers Forte and have gone through 4 of them because the arm continues to malfunction(not picking up the CD’s from the hopper) :(. We do not need thermal printing.

Any suggestions would be great! TIA

Primera products appear to be great for such things, we have recently reviewed the Disc Publisher SE but it’s only for 25 discs. However, Primera has professional products too, just check out www.primera.com and our reviews here and here

I have a verity copydisc that im trying to sell - its only done around 2,500 dvd’s


one of those, if you’re interested. I’m based in the UK

Automated duplicators in the UK:

Automated duplicators in the US:

Also you have: