Looking for a file/registry monitor free tool

I had stumbled upon a freeware app that would check your system before installing sw and compare after installation (registry keys, files, etc… that were added, deleted or changed). This app could be setup to run at startup or run automatically when something was installed on your pc (requested or not) or manually run. Manually a wizard help box would pop up and guide you thru the operation (I can picture a wizard with a wand). It also had 4 icons on the left side of the screen, the second down was “registry”, third I believe was “tools”. I thought it was Process Monitor or something like FileWatch; I must have deleted it and have been searching and searching. It was a nice tool that would alert if something was being installed on your pc when not requested. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!

Mike Lin makes 2 must have XP apps.



Spybot Search and Destroy has a function called TeaTimer, which runs all the time, and will ask you for permission any time something wants to update the registry.

Thanks for the suggestions, and I have used Spybot, but still looking for that app with the wizard, pointy hat, wand, robe and all…it’s been a quest!

Your description reminds me of RegMon or maybe it could be WinPatrol

Finally, found it…
Install Watch Pro 2.5