Looking for a file organizer program (preferably freeware!)

Hey to all,

I am looking for some kind of a program that can log all of the folders and subfolders in a designated location be it a harddrive or a dvd data disc, and the files they contain, in a windows browser type setting. I would also prefer to be able to generate a list of all this information in some kind of doc format for reference purposes, or be able to save it perhaps to html or some other format the program works with.

If anyone has any idea of a program like this, I would greatly appreciate some information in it! Thanks a lot,


Your best bet would be to look in places like, Cnet, ZDnet, freewarehome, Tucows and other places like that and then just read the descriptions and in most cases you can filter the search to only find freeware. Hope that helps:)

I used a directory lister from Karen’s Power Tools that was pretty good. Used it to catalog a bunch of backup CDs I had.

the directory printer program from the Karen’s Power Tools archive site is absolutely what I was after, it is easy to use and has the ability to save the resulting information as a .txt file. I will have a good time of it now trying to back up all of the relevant harddrives and dvd discs. Thanks for the heads-up about this, cheers