Looking for a file copy tool

I’m looking for a tool that can copy files with the same extension from a set of subdirectories to one single directory. For the Windows platform…



Have to be copied to C:\Directory, so that C:\Directory will contain file1.zip, file2.zip and file3.zip.

Who can help me?

Why not use the Search for files and folders in Windows?

Search for *.zip in C:\Directory, it will automatically search the subfolders too. Then select them all, right-click, drag them wherever and say Move here.

Admittedly its a 3 or 4 step process, but it would do what you’re looking for.

Yes I thought of that, but it doesn’t work.

For one reason or another I always get the message “Could not read file from disk”. Where this messages comes from I don’t know. I have the identical problem when trying this on another XP system with a totally different tree. Guess that’s a Windows problem, right?

I could write a Linux shellscript to do this, but it’s kind of cumbersome where I need it fore…