Looking for a faster DVD burner for my laptop

I have an Acer Aspire 6930G laptop with a Slimtype DS8A25 CD/DVD burner installed. The burner works great, but burns CDs at 24X and DVDs at 4X max. In looking around the hardware sales outlets, it seems that this is normal for laptop optical drives. Does anyone know of an internal drive for laptops that will burn at the desktop speeds of 48X and 16X, or are they all limited to half speed ?
Thanks for any help you can provide.


due to mechanical restrictions, no slim drive can handle more than 24x for CD and 8x for DVD media.


As mciahel said. :iagree:

You can however buy a desktop-sized external DVD burner, which is attached by USB cable to your laptop and powered by a separate power-supply.

Such drives can, depending on your laptop and its USB controller, burn DVDs at 12x or faster and CDs at 40x/48x depending on model. Few combinations of drives and laptops will be able to burn DVDs much faster than 16x-18x, but then again you’re much safer burning at 12x or 8x anyway.

Thanks guys for the info. I rather suspected that there was a restriction on ALL internal laptop burners. I had thought about the external route, but didn’t know how the USB 2.0 hookup would work, speedwise. Sounds like it might be an option to consider.
Thanks again for the speedy reply, as always. :bow:

I typically go 8X using USB2 on my laptop. That’s sourcing from a USB2 external drive. I believe I could reliably go 12X if I sourced from the internal hard drive.

Thanks Oly. I plan to get an external drive in the near future. I’ll keep your comments in mind. :iagree: