Looking for a DW1625 beige bezel

I am looking for a beige bezel for the DW1625 burner.
an DW1620 beige bezel would be also fine.
I prefer the version with the BenQ logo on it not the oem version…

If you got an spare one and don’t need it anymore please pm me.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


if a beige bezel from a DW1640 or DW1650 also fit (I don’t know) then thats fine also. :slight_smile:

I have put an bezel from a Benq dvd rom (1650V) on my benq1625 now it looks fine. :bigsmile: almost same look as my Benq 1650. :bigsmile:

I also flashed my benq 1650 with a 1655 firmware now it burns Ritek DL. the BenQ 1655 firmware is better. :clap: