Looking for a DVD RW,

I am looking to buy a DVD RW/CD RW combo drive. My budget is around $100 but i wouldn’t mind geting a cheaper one,…
some told me to get either the NEC 3520 (which, I believe, is not avaiable here in the U.S) or the Sony DW-DU22A.

Wondering would you guys would suggest???
I saw the thread regarding the different DVD-RW available in the market, but it is too much for me to go through. I need a DVD-RW fast to make backups of my stuff as my hard drive is only 20GB and my PC is a P3 1Ghz.

Seconldy, can I make an internal DVD RW external by just buying one of those external Enclosures. My CDRW was IO-Magic External, so I have the enclosure, which I think with a little effort I can remove.


I have a P3 1.4Ghz. And I can burn at 16x. But the processor is not as important as the hard drive speed. Unless you have a 7200 RPM hard drive, I wouldn’t count on anything much faster than 8x.

As for drive selection, if you solicit an opinion like that, this thread is going to turn into a 100+ post thread with everyone chiming in about how A is better than B and vice-versa. If you think that thread is too long, read just the first few pages of it, and you’ll get the gist of it. :wink:

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Mack1982 > No-one was running you off. They were telling a person that they didn’t know what they were talking about with the NEC 3520. It’s to new to tell about that model. Not as much testing as the NEC 3500.

To Rolling56,
I said sorry because I thought i posted it in the wrong thread,…

To Code65536
Yes, I guessed that there would be a lot of replies, that is why I posted my budget as well, thinking that it might minmized the replies and the person could be more specific.

Since there are a lot of posts in the “which DVD RW to buy”, would it be right for me to think that the difference of performance amongst all the major brandnames like Sony, Nec, Lite-on etc,… is very nomial, and there is no clear winner.

Well, that ain’t gonna help. Something about all 16x DVD burners costing less than $100 nowadays (except for the overpriced Plextors) if you get them from places like www.newegg.com. People were even getting them for even as low as $50, if they found the right deals and rebates.

Which thread did you look at? If you looked at the older of the two (the one with more posts), you’ll see that the opinion of LiteOn/Sony’s 16x write quality is, er, not very good and not “nominal”… though I guess if you are only going to do 8x, then the difference won’t be that big.

OK,… I think I would go with the polls, The Benq DW1620. Now there is one problem,…
Is there a difference between the Benq DW 1620, 1620A and 1620A Pro?
Furthermore, I went to the Phillips website and only found the 1620. The following is the link:
Bye the way, where is this “Philips DVDR1640P 16x DVD writer”, I wasn’t there on the website, but there was a review in the forums?
Sorry if some of this sounds silly,… I have absolutely no info. about this subject,…

Official name of BenQ is DW1620. 1620A is the name following 800A/822A series which people do misunderstood it. (or you can say, DW1620=1620A in people’s understanding)
1620 pro provide 4X Double layer writing, and bundles Nero Suite.
DW1620 can be freely upgrade to 1620 pro.

So, it’s like a firm upgrade or something,…