Looking for a DVD-reader/burner with fastest spin-up/spin-down acceleration time



Hi there, I’ve been searching this place for info on which DVD-readers/burners have the fastest access time, not burning time, but I can’t find any info.

I play a lot of PC games and also back up my HD often, and I’m trying to find the fastest optical drive in terms of “Time from when you put in the disc and until the disc is readable on the screen”, the grabbing and accelerating part of the disc drive behavior. Of course also a high reading rate.

Right now I have a cheap Samsung IDE DVD-RW that has started acting up on me, clicking and hiccuping, and I am going to buy a new SATA one, but I need to know which manufacturer has the best horsepower in their CD/DVD units, in terms of acceleration and load-time (not necessarily top-speed or burning rate).

Any info on good “fast-drawing” readers? Or is there perhaps firmware or something that you can edit so as to make your existing drive quicker?

Grateful for any response.

Your humble noob,


Well, you could (should) read some CdFreaks reviews on the main page.

For the rest it’s quite difficult to give a general answer, since the technical specifications regarding the spinning and access time don’t really differ a lot between the current optical drives.

It’s also hugely dependable on the used media. If the disc is full of scratches, it’s probably doing a lot longer to read the data. Even a normal disc can have the drive produce thousands of error corrections per second.

The latest LiteOns are 22 speed. LiteOn used to have a very very high quality and a huge amount of supported media, but i’m not sure how it is now.


Thank you, sir. Yes, I may have been able to glean a bit more info beforehand by going through the reviews here, but I wanted to see first and foremost if you guys already had any informal “favorites” regarding fast and smooth drives. Even if it wasn’t more than hunches or subjective opinion, it would be something to go on. I’ll read up a bit on Liteon reviews then.

I guess the time taken to start reading a disc after insertion doesn’t differ a lot in the market, as you said. Still, it would’ve been nice to see if there’d been any specific fast-switchers on the market, that had a sort of rumor about them of being able to stop on a dime.