Looking for a DVD burner

Hello everyone, Im looking for a DVD burner to add to my computer. I just bought a DVD Sony DVD camcorder with the smaller dvd’s. I have a dell 3000 computer with 512 memory, Im probably going to get 512 more memory. I was looking at a pioneer DVR-111D, I know there are a million :confused: of them out there. This one comes with nero 7 software. Any suggestions

Thanks Routedriver PS If u give me a idea u have to come and install it for me :iagree:

You can’t go wrong with Liteon. It’s the best for doing backups of movies and games. I bought this one last week

I would recommend the Pio 111 series. Great burner with quality media (TY and Verbatim). Got 2 of them and bought one for my sister as well.

The new 18x and 20x Lite-On drives are not that good IMO. I don’t know if it’s the immaturity of the firmware or trying to stretch to much out of the hardware, but the quality is just not there yet.


I saw this one on ebay, its an external one they also have an internal one. Im not very good at installing things in my computer would a external work for me. Im not going to burn alot of things so its not that important if its a little slower. I was told an external one is a little slower

Yes, it would work just as well for you as an internal if you aren’t going to to alot of burning. They truly are great burners and I don’t see why an external version wouldn’t be as well. Just make sure to use good blanks (Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim) when you burn. They aren’t that much more expensive (if at all) and in the long run will be considerably cheaper as they will last longer and are more reliable in general.

Spend less that $20 (after MIR) and get one of the following brand from Compusa store:
BTW: they all %90 turn out to be BenQ 1640 or 1650 or 1655 drives.

1)Computer Connect
2) Norwood
3) Compusa

What is the problem with Memorex anyway? I’ve used the CD media for years and find them to be the most reliable of all of them, never had a coaster, Aren’t DVD-R’s made by the same company??

They use multiple media codes so you never truly know who they are actually made by. 1 package can be CMC mediacode and the one right next to it on the shelf can be Ricoh.

They normally buy from the cheapest bidder as far as suppling what they brand as their own, so basically you never know the quality of what you are getting. Rarely if ever is it A-grade, and more commonly is B-grade.

No, not all media is made by the same company. The most respected name in recordable optical discs is Taiyo Yuden, and for a reason. Quality. They invented recordable CD media, perfected it, and have followed suit with their blank DVD’s.

Verbatim does sub-contract out it’s own branded media, but they are all coded the same (MCC 00X). There are 3 company’s that make the discs (CMC, Prodisc, and Moser Bauer India) and they are required to use Mitsubishi dyes (MCC=Mitsubishi Chemical Company) to make the discs with a minimal amount of variation per plant/contracted company.

Basically, not all discs are created equal, and I haven’t even mentioned faked media codes.

True there alot of burners out there right now but be sure to look at the company site and search the net for reviews as all burner aren’t created equal and some have more feature and feature you want. And my advice if you can get a hand on Nero go for retail Nero 6 if you can find it as I been seeing and reading alot of problem with the software having bugs and mega patches…Cause I have nero…before they switched to nero 7 and my version is stable and running for what I want. But back to burner it all depends on what you can spend as they are cheap in prices now and what you want it to do for you now and in the future and also for it to be able to do firmware update as well.