Looking for a drive to burn verbatim dvd-r in the best possible quality

I ve been researching for quite some time, until i found your nice community.

Since documentary filmmaking is my hobby, I need to store hundreds of gigabytes of video data on dvd-r. Since I want to use some of the filmed material in the future, the dvds should be burned in good quality.

I studied your forum and the reviews for quite some time, but most recommended burners are not available any more - at least not in germany, where I live. This is why i write: Using Verbatim DVD-R, which burner would produce the best results?

Your help is greatly appreciated -

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Basically every burner gives good results if you use quality media. The differences among the various drive with quality discs are relatively few, so except for a very immature firmware in a recently released drive you can get excellent results with every drive.

One of the main things you must be careful is also the way you store discs. The best solution is a single jewel case for each disk, but also the single disc sleeves are a good option. Avoid the book-type collectors, because these can warp discs. Avoid also sticky labels for the same reason.

hi geno888 -

thanks for your answer!
i store my dvd in case logic cases. do you think they might to harm to the dvds?

Hi :slight_smile:

If you mean something like this, I suggest to avoid them, because they can warp discs.

My suggestion is to get something like this :slight_smile: